Aneeta Sashless Double Hung Window

Aneeta Sashless Double Hung Window


Aneeta Sashless Double Hung

Aneeta Window Systems have developed a patented sashless slider which has been tested to 1000Pa Wind and Water penetration in both domestic and commercial applications. Also we have a combined Acoustic test results up to STC45.

Our standard type Sashless Sliders are tested to a minimum 300Pa rating. When specifying a Sashless Slider you should insist on a maximum glass overlap between 70mm – 100mm and a written 300Pa wind and water rating.

This is very important to ensure you get the highest rated products available in the market place for the same competitive price. Combine this with friendly service and first rate technical expertise, why would you consider anything else!?

“They may look the same, however, always insist on the best, Aneeta”


Maximum Sash Height:4500mm
Maximum Sash Width:1200mm
Maximum Glass Thickness:6mm or 10mm
Maximum Sash Weight: 
Frame width available in : 


Insect Screening

Carinya products have been designed to accept screening products without the need for unsightly adaptors or added material. Door and window screening provides protection from insects and other unwanted ‘guests’ to your home, whilst minimising the impact on your view. 

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KidScreen Window Fall Prevention

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Our windows are tested to AS2047 which generally specifies the requirements for design wind load, water penetration and air-infiltration.

Our range of standard SDH’s are rated for a minimum of 150 to 300pa water (depending on model) and the wind load is dependent on the glass width (as a rough guide the maximum glass widths are at a rating of about 700pa wind and as the width decreases the rating increases up to a max of 3000pa).  We have tested certain models up to 1000pa water and 3000pa wind load (these are very high results, even for commercial window products).

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  • An alternative to traditional windows in residential / commercial applications.
  • Architectually specified to provide “house lots” of sashless windows, removing the requirement to mix and match.
  • Suitable for new homes, apartments, schools, restaurants, cafes, age facilities, renovations and retrofits.