Robe Doors

Robe Doors


Tweed Coast Glass offers the choice of a wide variety of sliding wardrobe doors to suit every taste. Fully customized to take maximum advantage of available space, our doors feature slim, softly rounded aluminium frames in all the latest designer colours and finishes. Also available is the sleek design of our semi-frameless doors which make your room look and feel wonderfully spacious.

The doors on all of our robes glide with a minimum of effort. The concealed acetal resin rollers are easily adjustable to ensure everything runs smoothly and the built-in rubber bumpers allow for snug, silent closing. The flat bottom sill profile makes the frame less obtrusive and is particularly suitable for walk-in robes. Your wardrobe doors will be tailor made for you…measured on site and installed by our professional installation crew.

Sliding Door Finishes

Sliding doors are available in the following finishes:

Gyprock – supplied as raw gyprock which can be painted to match any colour you like
Vinyl – vinyl coated gyprock to match the colours of the sliding door frames and tracks, available in standard colours
Mirror – create the illusion of space and add light to your room
Translucent glass – with a slight green tint
White glass – with a brilliant super white colour
Painted glass – using any colour to match your décor
Printed glass – a bold statement, use your favourite image printed life size in full colour