Louvre Windows

Louvre Windows


At Tweed Coast Glass we use the industry leading Breezeway louvre system. Breezway offers a new generation, high performance louvre window designed specifically for Australia’s weather and climate. 

Energy Efficient Louvre Windows

  • Increased energy efficiency, health and productivity of building occupants.
  • Reduced need for air conditioning to keep the room at a comfortable temperature, saving electricity and the running costs of a building.
  • Low U-values required for energy efficiency compliance/excellence.
  • Appropriate U-values and ventilation for all climate zones.

Customized windows for all projects

Every order is custom made so we can offer the widest range of customising choices. Hundreds of aluminium finishes, 40 clip and handle colours, 15 glass types, 4 handle types, automation, security options to name a few.


Keeping kids safe from falls is important. Often window openings are restricted to protect kids but can be hot and stuffy. Altair Louvres with the Stronghold System maximise ventilation while keeping your family safe. Also easy to clean safely from the inside.


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